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Founded in 1870 by the Teperberg family in the Old City of Jerusalem, the winery relocated in 1964 to Motza, on the outskirts of Jerusalem. A few years ago Teperberg once again relocated to its current location in Kibbutz Tzora and officially changed its name from Efrat first to “Teperberg 1870” and then subsequently dropping the 1870 as well (although the winery continues to use the Efrat name to market and sell the lower-tier wines).  Up approximately five years ago, the winery was mostly known for producing overly sweet and heavy Kiddush wines that were of no interest to anyone other than the soldiers looking for a Friday-night Kiddush buzz.  I recently had a bout of nostalgia when informed that the army had ended its custom of serving heavy sweet wine every Friday night on bases around the country after apparently determining that serving alcoholic beverages to on-duty teen-agers with machine guns wasn’t the best idea and replaced the wine with grape juice.  The winery had made a prior attempt in the early 1990s to make quality table wine but did not have any lasting success in that arena at the time.  The seeds for the real winds of change were planted in 2002 when the winery brought California-trained winemaker Shiki Rauchberger on board with the mandate to create a quality wine-portfolio and convert the winery from a bulk producer of low-end plonk to a quality wine producer.  In one word – success!


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