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This winery is the proud result of a long history of winemaking continuity beginning in 1848, through generations of the Shor family, and was founded by the 8th generation of the family. The quality wines produced combine the knowledge and experience gathered by the family through 163 years of winemaking with determination, knowledge, professionalism, and desire to explore new and exceptional classic wines. To succeed and fulfill the vision and dream of producing excellent wines, our boutique winery does not compromise professionally or technologically. The noble grape varieties which arrive at the winery are grown at selected mature vineyards planted in quality wine regions where the “terroir” is optimal.

The vineyards are densely planted as at the best of French wineries. Our professional winemaking team works tirelessly to assure high quality winemaking procedures throughout the production and aging of the bottles.

The grapes for the wines of 1848 were harvested at selected vineyards adjacent to the Gilboa Mountains Ridge. These unique vineyards planted on high density clay soil were carefully chosen by the winery’s agronomist and winemaker. The location of the vineyards at outstanding “terroir” contributes to the quality of the grapes and their unique winemaking potential.


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