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Matar by Pelter Winery - Endeavour | Renewal | Challenge Pelter Winery, situated in the Golan Heights of northern Israel, was established by Tal Pelter in 2002. Tal began producing wines on the family farm, situated at Moshav Zofit in central Israel. What began as a pilot that resulted in 4000 bottles in 2002, became a fully-fledged business in 2005. Matar Winery Under the guidance and tutelage of Tal, Matar Winery was established in 2014. The idea of creating a kosher wine label developed over the years naturally as part of Pelter Winery’s continued growth. The goal was to expand on existing operations and to welcome a larger and more diverse audience into the customer circle. Soil | Spirit | Water The winery’s vineyards are located throughout Israel, from north to south, which provides flexibility and leeway. It is important to choose a grape variety that is grown in its optimal growing region to ensure quality fruit. The wine is produced in the Golan Heights, The Golan Region is characterized by: cold dry climate, day/night temperature differentials, basalt soil, high altitude, and high levels of sun radiation. Together these factors create slow, long ripening, a variety of taste depths and high quality grapes. These advantages were enhanced by the open spaces so rare in Israel, and the Golan Heights was selected as the ideal location for both the business and the family.  The philosophy of Pelter & Matar Winery encompasses three main principles:  Vitality Tal is creating distinctive wines that combine the local essence with fresh intensity of the northern Golan vineyards Quality Pelter Winery takes pride in quality, working with precision, care and personal attention in everything from the selection of grapes to customer service. Tal works with a skillful touch to match grapes with optimal barrels, often choosing a mixture of old and new woods to create grape blends that reflect his personal preferences. Combining both science and art, Tal’s approach to winemaking is a balance of experience, skill and intuition.  Family All stages of production are handled by members of the family – from selection of grapes, barrels and blends, to bottling, marketing and distribution. These collaborative efforts produced some 80,000 bottles in 2008, while preserving the winery’s rustic, intimate character. The winemaker: Tal Pelter, Winemaker and co-owner of Pelter and Matar Wineries. Continuing the family’s farming tradition, Tal studied agriculture at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, specializing in land and water use. In 1998, he began two years of viticulture studies at Curtin University in Western Australia, earning a bachelor’s degree with honors. In 2001, Tal returned to Israel with a vision of establishing his own winery. After the sudden and unexpected passing of his mother Tiva in 2002, Tal founded Pelter Winery in her honor. Supported and assisted by the extended family, Tal embarked on a personal and enthusiastic journey to produce premium wines in Israel. Nir Pelter, C.E.O and co-owner of Pelter and Matar Wineries. Nir was highly motivated by the independent spirit of the business, the teamwork, and the excitement of being a part of a new venture. During the past two years, Tal and Nir decided to establish Matar, a premium brand Kosher winery.


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