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The first vineyards were planted in the Golan Heights region in 1982 by the first Moshavs and kibboutzim implants in the region. In 1984, the Golan Heights Winery bottled the first wine of the Gamla range. Since its creation in 1983, the Golan Heights Winery has launched three large wine ranges: Yarden, Gamla and Galil. In our day, this winery is considered one of the best in Israel in terms of the quality of its wines, the technological innovation and the development of new varieties. Today, the Golan Heights Winery is detained by 4 kibboutzim and 4 moshavs. She manages the vineyards along the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee to the foot of the lower mountains of Mont Hermon. Each operation respects the same control rules in order to ensure a superior quality of production. Gamla is the name of an ancient city of the Golan Heights that resists the Roman conquest for many years. The Gamla range is represented by a piece in souvenir of the history of this city.Implantations and know-howThe Golan Heights has a perfect topography for the culture of the vine. A volcanic sol that provides excellent drainage and the climate, relatively fresh, allows a long maturation season. The Gamla wine range draws the same attention, regarding the quality of its wines, that the Yarden range. The Gamla-Golan Height wines Gamla cabernet sauvignon is a well-balanced wine from the Golan and Haute Galilee vignettes. The wine vieillit un an en fût de chêne françaisLe merlot Gamla estièrement issu de raisin Merlot cultivated in the center and north of the Golan. It grows for nine months in the French oak bar. Medals and awards In the middle of the year, the Golan Heights winery has gained an international recognition by winning several rewards in international competitions. This is one of the Winery that has fully contributed to the reputation of Israeli wine around the world.


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