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Recanati Winery is located in Emek Hefer (the Hefer Valley) in a building resembling a Spanish homestead. The winery facility includes temperature controlled stainless steel fermentation and storage tanks, a temperature and humidity controlled barrel room, a bottling and packaging facility, the winery store and a well-appointed private tasting room, imbued with warmth by its heavy wooden furniture and carpets.

The relatively new commercial boutique winery is the fulfillment of a dream. Businessman and wine enthusiast Lenny Recanati remembers wine being prepared in his parents? home. His entry into the world of wine, however, occurred when he received a gift of a wine course 15 years ago. Uri Shaked, owner of Shaked Ltd., distributors of imported and local wines and spirits, is a partner in the winery.

Visitors to the winery are exposed to the secrets of winemaking, from the crushing and pressing of grapes to tasting the finished wines or even barrel and tank samples.

Grapes received at the winery are treated with the utmost care. They are manually harvested, transported in 400 kilogram bins, then crushed, cooled, and transferred to the winery?s fermentation tanks (for red wine processing) or loaded directly to the winery’s pneumatic press in the case of white wines. The sophisticated, state-of-the-art bottling system is programmed to handle more than ten thousand bottles daily with virtually no oxygen pickup in the bottling process. In the large barrel room, cold temperatures and clouds of mist often conceal the hundred of barrels arranged in tiers up to the ceiling. The thermometer reads 12-14?C and the humidity is relatively high, around 85%. The wine ages in a variety of French, Hungarian, and American oak barrels, produced by some of the finest coopers working in Europe and America.


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